Happy Children's Day!

BONAKA Company organized a holiday for the children of the company's employees on the Children's Day. The children were given a tour of the company, chemical and microbiological laboratory, where they were told in detail and shown what their parents do, the importance of their work for agricultural livestock and industry. Using a microscope, the children saw lacto- and bifidobacteria of the microbiological complex "Bonaka-APK", they were told the importance of beneficial bacteria for the body of animals, birds and people.

Весь день ребята в игровой форме изучали экологическую безопасность, методы очистки бытовых приборов, правильность соблюдения личной гигиены и чем опасны разные инфекции, участвовали в конкурсах, проводимых сотрудниками, веселились и общались, а также получали подарки. - All day long, the children studied environmental safety in a playful way, methods of cleaning household appliances, the correctness of personal hygiene and the dangers of various infections, participated in competitions held by employees, had fun and talked, and also received gifts.