The effect of feed additives on the rearing of broiler chickens: optimizing the diet for maximum productivity

The cultivation of broiler chickens is an important segment of poultry farming, as they provide consumers with high-quality meat. One of the key aspects of successful broiler farming is proper nutrition, which includes the use of feed additives. This article examines the effect of various feed additives on the growth, health and productivity of broiler chickens.
Feed additives and their role in the broiler diet.
Feed additives are substances that are added to feed to improve its nutritional value, assimilation and effectiveness. They include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and other components. The use of feed additives makes it possible to optimize the diet of broilers, which in turn contributes to improving their health, growth and productivity.
The effect of feed additives on the growth and development of broilers.
Vitamins and minerals play an important role in ensuring the normal growth, development and functioning of the body of chickens. Lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to diseases, decreased immunity and deterioration of meat quality. The addition of vitamin and mineral complexes to the feed helps to improve the general condition of the bird, increase the average daily weight gain and reduce morbidity.
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are essential for the normal growth and development of muscle tissue. The use of feed additives with amino acids allows you to balance the diet of broilers and ensure their need for essential amino acids, which contributes to an increase in body weight and improve the quality of meat.
Probiotics and prebiotics help to improve the condition of the intestine and the absorption of nutrients. Probiotics are living microorganisms that positively affect the intestinal microflora, while prebiotics stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria. The use of probiotics and prebiotics in broiler feed can improve their health, increase average daily weight gain and reduce morbidity.
Enzymes improve the absorption of nutrients from the feed by breaking down complex molecules into simpler ones. Adding enzymes to broiler feed can increase feed efficiency, improve poultry growth and development, and reduce morbidity.
The result of the application of the feed additive "Bonaka-APK"
The use of the feed additive "Bonaka-APK" at the poultry farm in the Agrocomplex of the Krasnodar region throughout the entire growing period showed positive dynamics in cross Arbor-10 broiler chickens. The live weight of the chickens of the experimental group exceeded the control by an average of 37 g, the survival rate of the birds increased. The general biological indicators of birds showed positive dynamics, which affected the average daily gain, and a decrease in feed conversion by 0.02, which confirms the better digestibility of feed and reduces feed costs.
The use of feed additives in the diet of broiler chickens is an important tool for optimizing nutrition and increasing productivity. The correct selection and dosage of feed additives can improve the health of poultry, increase the average daily weight gain and meat quality.