Feed additives for farm birds

One of the most important aspects of the successful production of eggs and meat is the full feeding of poultry. In the conditions of industrial poultry farming, the productivity of poultry only depends on the genotype by 10%, and the remaining 90% fall on the conditions of keeping and feeding. A balanced diet not only increases the efficiency of poultry production, but also allows you to show the full genetic potential of highly productive birds of modern breeds, types and crosses. Functional support of the digestive system and especially the correction of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract of poultry is important to ensure its health and good digestibility of feed. It's all about the peculiarities of the digestive tract of birds, which differs from mammals by a much shorter length, so food is not fully digested, which means that nutrients are not sufficiently absorbed.
Microbiological complexes "BONAKA-APK" and "BONAKA-APK-N" - feed additives based on probiotics from the company "Bonaka" - unique preparations for the normalization of intestinal microflora, increasing the overall resistance, safety and productivity of farm animals and birds. The effect obtained from the introduction of probiotic complexes "Bonaka" into the nutrition system is equally useful and necessary for both waterfowl, broilers and turkey, and laying hens, who, in addition to improving overall performance, have an increase in egg production and an improvement in the quality of egg shells. Indications for the use of "BONAKA-APK" and "BONAKA-APK-N" are very extensive: from post-operative syndrome and stress to the fight against pathogens, necrotic enteritis, coccidiosis. Feed additives with probiotics from the Bonaka company improve the digestion of birds, increase immunity and stress resistance, have the best effect on the safety of livestock and the quality of meat and eggs produced.
In addition to improving the quality of nutrition, microbiological complexes help to cope with some issues of poultry maintenance. As you know, regardless of the volume, production complexes at all levels often face the same problems in the conditions of keeping farm birds. For example, sanitation of drinking systems. The presence of areas with a blockage or an air plug in the watering line can cause uric acid diathesis in young animals of the first week of cultivation, which reduces daily feed intake, chickens become sluggish and weak, and after about two or three days on the farm, the average daily case increases.
The microbiological complex "BONAKA-APK-N" has the effect of cleaning drinking systems. Examination of pipelines supplying drinking water to groups of animals and birds that were given the microbiological complex "BONAKA-APK-N" showed the absence of traces of biofouling, sediment contamination in them, and microbiological sowing did not reveal contamination of pathogenic microflora.
According to the results of numerous tests and industrial tests, BONAKA-APK increases the digestibility of feed, increases average daily weight gain by an average of 15%, preserves livestock and increases meat productivity by 15-20%. Improving the quality of meat produced, obtaining environmentally safe products is the key to successful production and sustainable business development.